Thursday, 27 February 2014

Two pairs of PJs

Pattern: Drafted based on tracksuit bottoms
Fabric: Printed flannel
Haberdasheries: 1.06 m of ribbed elastic

Having a pair of tracksuit bottoms that I think have a very nice shape, and seeing a really cute flannel fabric with birds on branches, made me decide to make myself some pyjama trousers based on the trackie bottoms. Then I saw a dinosaur flannel as well, and decided to make two pairs!

I drew a pattern from the tracksuit bottoms, omitting the ribbed band of the original, but adding 3.5 cm at the top for a foldover band with elastic threaded through it, instead. I folded the band in at 2.5 cm. Here are some photos showing the steps of making the band; an easy method with a nice result, I think:

The selvedge of the fabric states: “not intended for children’s sleepwear”. Apparently this means that the fabric has not been treated with flame retardants. I think it very strange that there are countries where it’s compulsory that fabric be treated with harmful chemicals in order to be deemed suitable for children. But anyway, this fabric was not treated, so that’s good to know.

I had 2.3 m (2.5 yard) of each fabric, which was exactly enough! I needed twice the length of the trousers because the fabric was very narrow, only 1.1 m wide. I have a tendency to buy too little fabric, but this time I made a good guesstimate! I’ve got about 0.6 m2 left of each fabric, so that should be enough to make a cute baby item some day, as well.


  1. waar zijn de foto's? :)
    volgens mij worden in Europa pyjama's ook behandeld met flame retardants, maar ik weet niet echt hoe ik dat kan opzoeken, dus een goed idee om pyjama's zelf te maken!

  2. erg oud artikel, eens kijken of er meer over te vinden is: