Monday, 9 April 2012

1940s skirt

The first item for my 1940s outfit is finished!

I ordered original Simplicity patterns for my blouse and skirt (and one day, a matching jacket) from Etsy, and they arrived quickly. It felt quite special to have an actual pattern from the 1940s in my hands, though I hardly dared touch it for fear it might tear! I scanned the instructions of the skirt pattern and didn’t use the original, since it was quite frail. Also, I traced the pattern pieces and didn’t pin the originals to my fabric.
The blouse pattern I will be using is from 1945 and the skirt pattern is from 1943. Interestingly, the former is unprinted, and the latter printed, although it is older. However, I didn’t find it difficult to understand what the holes in the unprinted pattern meant, so working with it didn’t pose any problems.

I followed the instructions exactly. The mock-up I made of the size 14 pattern fit me, but I added three inches in width nonetheless, because the pattern was probably intended to be loose-fitting, apart from the waistband, which I obviously made to my size. The only part I found difficult was the ‘fly’ part of the side closure. I just couldn’t work out what the pictures indicated. But it worked out in the end, luckily my sewing-experienced mum understood ;).

The hem was finished using twill tape and slip-stitch, as per the instructions. I did that because I wanted this skirt to be properly 1940s-style, but I would use the simpler hemming stitch next time!

My outfit is to be worn in June; the other things to make are a brassiere, suspender belt, knickers, cardigan, turban, and the blouse mentioned above.

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  1. It looks great!