Monday, 30 April 2012

Blackworked coif – part 1

I’ve been working on a blackwork embroidered coif, and the embroidery part is now finished! Though I cannot say that embroidering the same two flowers over and over again was enervating (which is why I only did one of each per day most of the time – yes, this project has been in progress for a while!), I’m sure once constructed, with added spangles and matching lace, it will look lovely.


  1. It certainly does look like a lot of work! |-) ("Mij niet gezien" ;)) Btw, is the red guide line just a thread? Or did you use a special pen or something?

    I have a hard time understanding how this will end up looking once constructed, but nonetheless I think it will be great because of all the detail!

    1. Yes, the red lines are threads. Because linen is so supple, it's hard to get the flowers aligned without them!
      *lol* My mother didn't understand what it was going to look like, either, but it's almost sewn up, so I hope to post pictures of the finished item soon!