Wednesday, 16 April 2014

1940s blouse

Pattern: Vintage Simplicity 1430, size 16 (bust 34”)
Fabric: Printed cotton
Haberdasheries: Four cover buttons

I made this blouse for my first 1940s event, along with my brown skirt and yellow knitted cardigan. However, I didn’t have time to make the bound buttonholes at the time. Also, when I wore it, it peeped out of my skirt, so I decided to lengthen it.

The blouse pattern I used is from 1945 and unprinted. However, I didn’t find it difficult to understand what the holes in the unprinted pattern meant (it was all in the instructions), so working with it didn’t pose any problems. The difference with printed patterns from ‘40s isn’t great at all, as they mainly have printed signs instead of the holes and notches, so the principle is the same.

The fabric is old; not quite 1940s, but probably from the 1980s. I thought it looked nicely 1940s-like because of the bright floral pattern. This cotton fabric was easy to work with.

I don’t think I’ll be making bound buttonholes again any time soon. They’re fiddly, and, though they do look neat, they’re almost entirely covered by the buttons once the blouse is closed!
Here’s where I lengthened the blouse. I added 6 cm.

A close-up of the bow. I love this. My Grandma used to wear clothes like these! Both in the 1940s and later ;).


  1. veel blogs opeens, leuk stofje, helemaal kleuren van nu volgens mij! ben benieuwd naar de volledige outfit foto's!

  2. Haha, nee, eerst postte ik gewoon te weinig! De outfitfoto's komen na D-Day (6 juni).