Sunday, 28 December 2014

1940s jacket

Pattern: vintage Simplicity 4915 from 1943
Fabric: satin cotton, some stash fabric for interfacing, and acetate for lining
Haberdasheries: four buttons

This is a jacket to go with my skirt. The skirt was my first 1940s garment, and the first I based on an original pattern from the period. It fit well, so I was expecting the same for the jacket.

According to the measurements table, size 14 should be slightly smaller than my size, but without alterations the jacket would have been rather wide. I was once inclined to think that if an original pattern is on the loose side, that must be how they did things back then, but when you look at photos of ladies from the 1940s, their jackets are very fitted at the waist, and certainly not baggy. So I took out about 10 centimetres at the waist (and some at the chest, I believe), and also a couple from the sleeves, to make the jacket fit more nicely. Also, I left off the welt pockets. I tried them out, but didn’t like the look of them, so I went for pocket flaps at the lower front only.

I had too little fabric! I don’t know how that is possible, as I bought it for this project and always intended to make the entire suit, and I’m pretty sure I asked the person in the shop how much they thought I needed. Perhaps I didn’t take the shine in the fabric into account, which meant I had to cut all the pieces one way. In any case, I had to piece the front facings of the jacket.

I’ll post some nicer photos when I’ve worn the jacket to an event!

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