Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Green linen Regency dress

Pattern: improvised
Fabric: green linen, white cotton/linen mix for lining
Haberdasheries: some narrow white cotton band, green wool to make loops on the back

After all that officers’ stuff I really felt like making something for myself again! For last year’s Waterloo re-enactment I made a new chemise and a less chic Regency dress. But I, er, started making this dress the Wednesday before the event, and only had time to finish it provisionally. Now it’s really finished, so here it is! Yes, I did iron it. I think I need to get a better iron…

I intentionally made the dress quite short. Working class dresses and skirts were often shorter because they needed to be practical, and also, I like it if my underskirts are visible beneath the dress.

The dress bodice closes at the centre front with cotton bands, and the skirt is then placed over it with an apron construction, the apron band going through four worked loops and tying at the back. Here’s a detail of the back, and the inside of the bodice:

And this is me wearing the dress at an event, with another camp follower:

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