Monday, 27 April 2015

1915 hat

Pattern: none, I improvised.
Fabric: a strip of buckram, natural coloured linen for lining, black cotton velvet.
Haberdasheries: six turkey feathers, 35 cm of black lace.

Finally, a post I can tag ‘millinery’! =) I’ve made quite a few hats, but I find it really difficult to decorate them in a nice way, so they tend not to reach the ‘finished’ state and I don’t post them. I really like how this one’s turned out, though.

I’m making a 1915 suit, and wanted a modern hat to wear with it, not one of those large Edwardian ones. Lots of images of 1915 fashion had cylinder-shaped hats like these:

So I decided to make a simple cylinder out of buckram, line it and cover it with black velvet in pleats. Then I’d add some turkey feathers I already had, in a fan shape on the side.

Searching for 1915 hats, I also found several which had crazy feathers!

Hm, these ladies don’t all look equally happy with their hats… I certainly wasn’t planning to make anything like this, I just saved the images for fun. But somehow the upright feather stuck, and I ended up making this:

I wore it to the event at Passchendaele Memorial Museum last weekend. It is NOT handy when getting in and out of a tent! Or when walking through the dugout part of the museum, for that matter. Of course I didn’t think of that, but holding my hat in my hand worked well enough.


  1. hey deze had ik nog niet gezien! leuk! buckram is dat dan boeklinnen? grappige plaatjes ook erbij gezocht en grappig dat zij de veer van voren dragen!

  2. Dank je :). Ik denk het niet, boeklinnen is zo te zien vrij fijn. Dat van mij is een soort grof jute met stijfsel erin, het lijkt hierop:
    Hihi, die plaatjes zijn echt maf, hè? Met de hoeden op de foto's zou ik echt niet gaan lopen, maar de mijne komt er toch al een beetje in de buurt ;).