Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring For Cotton

Last year I participated in Lucky Lucille’s Sew For Victory sewalong, and made a green 1940s dress. I was hoping there would be another Sew For Victory this year, but there isn’t. However, Lucky Lucille is hosting another sewalong, Spring For Cotton, which involves sewing with 100% cotton. As it happens, the project(s) I was considering making for Sew For Victory involve cotton fabric, so I can make them for Spring For Cotton instead.

I will be making a red long-sleeved 1940s blouse using Vintage Simplicity pattern 1430, which I also used for my first 1940s blouse.

I had a seasonal colour analysis, as I believe it’s called in English, done recently, and found out I’m a deep winter type. That means cool colours suit me best, but moreover, the more intense cool colours (see colour palette on the right). I had this red fabric in my stash because I wanted some brighter coloured historical clothes, but after the analysis I assumed it was not a suitable colour for me. However, it turns out it’s rather a cool shade of red (yes, that is apparently possible – it means it’s not a yellowish red). So yay.

I’m tempted to make a second blouse for this sewalong as well, but I don’t really need more 1940s clothes at the moment because I made quite a few last year, so I should really give some other projects, for other eras, priority!

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