Sunday, 10 April 2016

Striped bow shirt

Pattern & fabric: I used a store-bought shirt
Haberdasheries: 14 black grosgrain ribbon bows

A while ago I saw this black and white striped shirt, which was based on this insanely overpriced design. I love stripes, and wear them a lot, and I’ve got a blue shirt with bows at the neckline that I’ve worn so much it’s almost threadbare. So I thought a stripey shirt WITH bows would be a very nice thing to have!

I had trouble finding the right width black grosgrain ribbon in haberdashery shops, so I wanted to order it online, but when I searched for it, I found that there are actually premade grosgrain bows available! Those would save me the trouble of having to make lots of neat-looking bows, so of course I went for them instead. Then all I had to so was sew them onto the shirt I already had, and that was easy peasy!

The shirt I used is by Only and cost me a whopping €7,48 on sale. I actually used it back to front, as for some reason the back was lower. The bows cost 20 cents each, so that makes the grand total for this project €10,28. So even €3 cheaper than the Glamorous Housewife’s version ;).

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