Sunday, 24 December 2017

Winter owls table runner

Pattern: none
Fabric: about 2,5 m cotton Andie Hannah for Robert Kaufman ‘Polar owls’ fabric
Haberdasheries: two tassels

Time for another tasselled table runner!


There isn’t that much to say about how I made this – tried to find symmetry in the fabric design, cut a piece of about 48 by 250 cm, made pointed ends, hemmed it, and sewed on tassels by hand! I was able to find tassels in exactly the colour I was looking for, which was nice.

However… I’m not sure how long they’ll last! :P

Very optimistic of me, perhaps, to think that I can have a tasselled runner when I’ve also got a kitty! Oh well. She's generally very sweet, so I forgive her ;).

P.S. I apologise for these and future cat photos to all people who haven’t got a cat :P. I didn’t understand it either, why people are so fascinated by their cats and take and post so many pictures of them – until I got one myself!

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