Monday, 30 July 2018

Cutlery roll

Pattern: improvised
Fabric: about 26 x 30 cm patterned cotton and 52 x 30 cm red linen
Haberdasheries: 1.6 m dark red twill tape, three buttons

What? Did I not finish anything since my Regency short cloak? Well, I have been working on a few things but they’ve mainly been Drawers of Doom projects (more about that later).

And I finished this cutlery roll a while ago, but apparently forgot to post it! It’s handy to have all one’s cutlery in one place, to be able to pack this roll for an event and know it’s all there.

There isn’t that much to say about how I made it, except that I probably went about it a bit too seriously, with padding and handmade button loops. I could have just used fabric and machine-made buttonholes :P. I’m not good at cobbling things up! I also made leather covers for the sharp items, so the fabric won't be damaged.

The cheese slicer was only invented in 1925, so it isn’t authentic for most periods I do, but as a Dutchwoman I can’t handle cheese without it! I won’t let the audience see ;).

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