Monday, 28 January 2019

Best discovery of 2018: tapping

The previous three years I did best buy posts, but last year I didn’t really buy anything life changing (although I did get an InstantPot, which many people apparently find life changing, but so far I’ve only pressure cooked beans in it, so I can’t really judge that yet). But I did discover something that is really awesome and also (can be) totally free! It’s called EFT or tapping.

Tapping is a really simple technique in which you tap points on your head and body with your fingers, while talking about a problem you have, and which allows you to reprogram your mind and even your body to behave in a way that is better for you. It sounds really strange and I didn’t initially believe it could work, mainly because it seems too simple, but it does! When I tried positive affirmations before, my mind would immediately respond “no!” or “nonsense!” to anything positive I said to myself, but when I tell myself things through tapping, I actually believe them. This has made me feel much better. And there’s also scientific evidence that EFT works, so it isn’t a placebo effect (although I wouldn’t mind that much if it was, as there are no negative side effects, anyway!)

You can do tapping with a trained coach or therapist, but there are also plenty of YouTube videos which you can try for free. I find Brad Yates’s videos particularly inspiring – some almost seem to have been written just for me! And he’s got videos on just about any problem or challenge you could have.

Here’s one of my favourites:

This video on overcoming sugar addiction is also great:

Disclaimer: The information on this blog represents my personal views and it not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or to treat any medical or psychological condition in either yourself or others. Consult your own physician or therapist for any medical or psychological issues that you may be having. I cannot be held responsible for any damage arising from use of the information on this blog.

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